We are all born naked…every single one of us. Millions of years ago, our prehistoric ancestors didn’t wear clothes. They didn’t even have clothes. We often see the depictions of them in animal hides intricately placed together to resemble “modern” clothing, but the reality is, the walked around naked. Sure there were probably some innovative clans in colder regions that came up with some type of outerwear for warmth, but way back then, they didn’t have the skills to make the clothing as depicted. 

Fast forward to a few thousand years ago, nudity wasn’t a shameful thing. We often see paintings and sculptures of the ancient Greeks and Romans (etc.), they are either nude or scantily dressed. Being nude wasn’t something to be ashamed of, but rather a way of life. 

It wasn’t until after these long ago times that nudity and the beauty of the human body became something to hide. Puritanical religious views made nudity to be sin, something to never be seen. It also instilled the idea that nudity is inherently sexual. While being naked, it is true that all sexual organs and orifices are able to be seen, but that doesn’t make them sexual. 

As a nudist, I’m not sexually attracted to every naked person I see. The same way gay men aren’t attracted to every man on earth, every woman isn’t automatically attracted to every man. Yes, there are men I find attractive, but just the mere fact of interacting with them without our clothes on doesn’t mean I am constantly turned on. I can carry on a conversation without my clothes and it would be like any other conversation. 

The fact that there is such a negativity towards nudism astounds me. It’s just freeing. I hate wearing clothes. Shirts feel like they are choking me, pants (and underwear) make my lower half feel like I’m in a sauna. Being naked in no way turns me on or makes me feel sexual. It just makes me feel normal, like my body can breathe. 

I don’t know many other nudists. But the few I do know, I’ve never slept with. We sit and talk, or watch tv, or just hang out. They are the rare individuals that don’t see nudity as a precursor to sex, but just life as it was intended. 



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