Speech I Gave About My Husband At His Celebration Of Life

First of all, on behalf of our family, we thank everyone for coming this evening. I may have married into this family, but I’m blessed to call them mine. We are all grateful to see so many people that loved Tim. He truly touched a lot of lives. 

As I was thinking of what to say tonight, of how I met Tim, how I knew he was the person I wanted to annoy me for the rest of my life, thinking about what it was that made Tim special to me, and what stories I should or should not share, I heard his voice clearly in my head say “BORING, no one cares about that stuff….make it funny”. Which he totally would have said. Unfortunately for you, I’m not that funny. 

Humor was something I did love about Tim. He was a truly funny guy. But the best part of his humor was that he thought he was hilarious. The look on his face and the tone of his voice when he was telling you something humorous made it even better. He also never forgot a joke or something you did that brought him laughter. 

He was also the smartest man I’ve ever met. His thirst for knowledge was unquenchable. If he heard of something he didn’t know, he would read everything he could find on the subject until he knew it by heart.

Tim was extremely creative. He painted, designed both clothes and home decor, did various crafts, sewed, and was known for his extravagantly wrapped presents. The gift itself was only part of the present, the presentation was the key. It had to be just the right wrapping paper, just the right ribbon, and an intricate bow or decoration on top. He got more enjoyment out of people discussing the appearance of his gifts than he did giving them. 

Tim was also an excellent, though messy, cook. He knew just what to add to make things delicious. He knew what spices complimented each other, techniques that I never heard of, and wasn’t against trying new things. He could never cook for just the two of us though. When he cooked, we had left overs for days. He wouldn’t eat leftovers if they had been in the fridge more than a couple days, so I always had food for lunches. I often joked he was trying to fatten me up, he joked back that the best way to my heart was through my stomach. 

He had many talents, interests, and positive qualities. So many he was hard to keep up with. He drove me crazy at times. Mostly because I am not that creative or adventurous. He often told people that he was tons of fun and I was no fun at all, which is sadly true. My idea of a good evening is reading a book, whereas he was always on the go or doing something, he just couldn’t sit still. He’d often interrupt my reading to ask my opinion on whatever it was he was working on. I am not the visual person he was, and he’d get frustrated with me because I couldn’t see his vision. He was very critical of his own work though, and while I’d love what he had done, he’d point out the tiniest flaw that I never would have noticed on my own. He strove for perfection, always.

I would not having traded a single minute of my time with him. We fought, we argued, and didn’t understand each other at times, just like any other couple. But I am a stronger, wiser, more adventurous person for having known him. The things I learned from him will stay with me for a lifetime. I learned more about myself during the last eleven years than I would have alone. 

I truly loved him, with all my heart. Words cannot describe how much I will miss him. I never again will hear his voice, his laugh, or taste his cooking, but I have my memories of great years together. He was my heart, my soul, my best friend. I love you, Tim. ALWAYS. 


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