Myth #2: Why The Leaves Change Color

I was told I should preface this with the fact that it is a myth I just made up. It is not an actual myth.

At the beginning of time, when the Earth was new, there were many Gods. Everything had its own God or Goddess. A God of life, a Goddess of beauty, a God of time, even a God of insects. The Gods and Goddesses were much like the people today, constantly trying to impress one another, fighting amongst themselves, and sometimes falling in love.

Tree, the God of plants and foliage, had made all his creations green, as it was his favorite color. He was also madly in love with Prism, the Goddess of color. He tried desperately to impress her by making all the blooms on his flowers as brightly colored as possible, often asking her for suggestions so she could share in all the growing splendor. But she was so caught up with the vibrant colors she created, she barely noticed his affections.

Icy, the God of winter, also loved Prism and wanted to find a way to grab her attention. But the white of his snow and the clear crystal of his ice wasn’t exactly impressive to someone who thrived upon bright colors.

One day, in the earliest planning for winter, Icy thought of the most spectacular idea. While he could make all of Tree’s plants go into a hibernation for the winter months, what if he could start the process early? Before the leaves fell have them become brighter and more vibrant before they shed themselves for the long cold winter. He thought it would be wonderfully impressive to Prism if he could show reds, oranges, and yellows against a neutral background of browns and tans. Surely, that would get her attention.

He started his process three moon cycles before the onset of his winter time. As the mighty oaks and maples began to turn to his intended color pallet, he walked Prism through the garden of Earth. He pointed out all the changing colors and how he planned from now on to have these colors change every year, all in her honor.

This made Tree very jealous. He wanted Prism to love him, so he stopped the hibernation process on a few of his most impressive specimens, the conifers. The pines would stay a bright green all year around, even through the coldest, whitest time of winter. And just for spite, as winter was coming to an end, he would have two of his flowers, tulip and daffodil, arrive before the winter was over. All to show Prism the beauty he created could withstand Icy’s winter.

This fight goes on today, all to try to win the affection of Prism. Tree and Icy continue to show Prism the beautiful colors they create, and each year she dotes on their magnificence. But little do Tree and Icy know that Prism is already in love with Tint, the God of painting.



  1. Zezee · November 2, 2015

    Aww unrequited love. How sad.
    I learned something new too. I didn’t know that about tulips and daffodils.


    • jasinrockgod · November 2, 2015

      Tulips usually pop up even through the snow, daffodils usually wait until the snow begins to melt, but will still stand if it happens to snow again. They are usually the first signs of spring.


      • Zezee · November 2, 2015

        Ah! Now I know. Thanks.


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