Day 24: 30 Day Writing Challenge

Today’s topic: my favorite movie and what it’s about.

My favorite movie of all time is The Birdcage. It is HILARIOUS. It was originally introduced to me when I was in college, by my friend Keith. I liked Robin Williams anyway, so I watched it willingly and it cracked me up.

Robin Williams and Nathan Lane play a gay couple in South Beach, Florida. They on a drag club where Lane’s character, Albert, is the star named Starina. William’s character, Armand, runs the club and directs the show.

Early in his career, Armand had a son, Val. The movie starts with Albert being a drama queen and refusing to go on stage. He suspects Armand and is cheating on him and is throwing a fit. There is a lot of humor in this scene as Armand and their house man, Agador, try to get Albert to get dressed and down to the stage. They live above the club. There are a LOT of humorous lines (“I made you short?”) But they finally get Albert downstairs and on stage.

Armand rushes back upstairs to have a secret meeting with Val. Val has met a girl at college and they are getting married. When Albert finally gets off stage, he comes upstairs to try to catch Armand. When he realizes it is Val, he’s apologetic.

I’m not going to play by play the entire movie for you, though I could despite not having watched the movie recently. Though I really want to now. I could probably quote the entire thing to you. My husband can do the same with The Labyrinth, Steel Magnolias, and Fried Green Tomatoes.

The point is, they have to entertain the girl’s parents (Calista Flockheart, Gene Hackman, and Diane Weist). Hackmans character is a strictly conservative senator and doesn’t know his daughter’s fiance is the son of a gay couple.  Hilarity ensues. Albert dons full old lady drag to play the mother, even though the actual birth mother, played by Christine Baranski, tries to show up.

The whole movie is HILARIOUS. It makes me laugh. Every. Damn. Time.

My favorite lines:
“I made you short?”
“Let me tell you why”
“Not without a miracle”
“Sweetie, you’re wasting your gum”

I know none of these sound funny now, but watch the movie and they are funny snarky responses, which is all I would ever give if society had a sense of humor.

WATCH THE MOVIE! I’d love to talk about it.

Tomorrow’s topic: some one who fascinates me and why.


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