Day 19: 30 Day Writing Challenge

Today’s topic: disrespecting your parents.

I don’t remember ever being disrespectful to my parents. I’m sure I had a few instances, what child doesn’t? But I respected them. I was raised to respect my elders. I think this is a problem with today’s youth. There is no respect.

I was spanked as a child. Not in an abusive way, but if I screwed up, I got spanked. I never once got a trophy for participating. I was taught to work for what I want. If I wanted a toy and threw a fit in the store, I got in trouble and definitely didn’t get the toy. And I most certainly did not get everything I wanted handed to me.

I know a lot of parents want their children to have a better childhood than they had themselves, I get that. But giving in to them and telling them they are doing great when they are not, is creating a world filled with spoiled brats.

By not teaching them to earn what they want, and they won’t always get their way, parents are actually disrespecting their kids. They are not teaching them life skills that they will need, but instead teaching them that everything will just be handed to them. This is what is wrong with kids, they grow up feeling entitled rather than proud of their achievements.

Tomorrow’s topic: how important I think education is


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