Day 12: 30 Day Writing Challenge

Today’s topic: bullet your whole day.

This is a boring post, even I think so and I haven’t written it yet. As today is Sunday, and I do not work, I thought I’d bullet a work day, Friday, just to show you how mundane my life really is. I will try not to bore you to death.

5 am get up
Brush teeth
Take vitamins (multi vitamin and vitamin c)
Fill cats water dish and food dish
Pour coffee (set last night to brew on its own at 4:55 am)
Smoke cigarette and drink first cup of coffee in the bathroom
Check Facebook, email, and get my daily reward tokens on my solitaire game.
Take shower and get dressed
Drink lots more coffee

6:45  am. Go outside so John pick me up for work.

7:00-ish get to work and clock in.
Walk through my department to see what needs done
Retrieve paperwork from back office, get new battery for my handheld at work, check schedules for staffing purposes
Go back to department, put out any fires since I was there last
Set tasks for my associates
Work to get my department ready for the days sales.

9:00 am. Meeting for department managers, stuff we already know, maybe a few sales numbers thrown in.

9:20 am.  Smoke break with Lisa. She listens while I bitch, I listens while she bitches, good times had by all.

9:30  Back to my department to finish what I started. By this time, everything is pretty much done, just fine tuning a few things before it gets busy.

11:00 am. Covering the sales floor while associates are at lunch, answering customer questions.

Noon.  Lunch time with Lisa. We smoke, we eat, we smoke again. Usually a lot of talk about what we did the night before, or what we are going to do in the future.

1 pm. Back to work. Make sure there are no empty spots on sales floor, do any price changes, rearrange a few products for sale items, all the fine tuning that runs my department.

4 pm. Clock out and go home.

4:20 pm. Check in with the husband, talk about our days, check Facebook, relax a little.

5 pm. Take a nap.

6:45 pm. Get up and get ready to go to the gym.

7 pm. Gym time with John. I ponder the gay agenda while on the treadmill. Lol

9 pm. Home. Take shower, hang out with husband, eat dinner, watch tv.

11:45 pm. Drug the epileptic cat, give them treats.

Midnight. Bedtime!

Wow, that was boring. I apologize for the boringness of this post, but it was on the list and I made a commitment.

Tomorrow’s topic: somewhere I’d like to move or visit.


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