Day 9: 30 Day Writing Challenge

Today’s topic: what I hope my future will be like.

I have a lot of hopes and dreams for my future, some realistic, some not. That’s what separates them, hopes are real and dreams are usually not. I will separate out the hopes and the dreams.

To have kids someday.
To own a home and not rent someday.
To get a college degree, though different than what I originally planned when I was a teenager first entering college.
To lose a bit more weight, and tone up whatever is left.
To stop living paycheck to paycheck, and actually have enough money to retire someday.
To be able to travel and see some of things I often read about (Egypt’s pyramids, Rome, Athens, London, etc.).
To have friends close enough to me like those on F·R·I·E·N·D·S
To be remembered for being a great person, both by my friends and family and by people I may help or meet throughout my life.

Of winning the lottery and being rich enough to never want for anything.
Of being able to rid the world of starving or homeless children, especially those that identify as LGBT. No child deserves to be neglected by their family.
Of meeting my favorite celebrities.
Of actually finishing my “to be read” list of books. I think all readers dream of this, but it will never happen.
Of living in a country ruled by common sense, not corporate sponsorship.
Of knowing answers to life’s mysteries.
Of living in a world where there is a cure for cancer, diabetes, and other diseases that are sad in this world.

There are some specific things I hope or dream about, but these are the general ideas.

Tomorrow’s topic: discussing my first love and my first kiss.


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