Day 2: 30 Day Writing Challenge

Today’s topic is where I’d like to be in ten years. I’m not sure if it meant physically, or mentally, or financially, so I’ll be covering all three.

In ten years I’d like to have an established family. Not just me and my husband, but maybe a rugrat or two. A couple of kids and a house of our own (no more renting!). Maybe a dog, but probably these three cats we already have will still be kicking, the oldest is nine, so maybe, maybe not.

We definitely won’t be living in Ohio. I’d like to go south or west. Maybe someplace like Louisiana or California for me. Tim has his heart set on Tennessee, so that’s a possibility. Or maybe we move overseas, Tim used to live in England as a kid, and he’d like to go back. I’d love to live somewhere along the Mediterranean, Greece, Italy, someplace like that.

Mentally, we will be in a great place. Twenty years together and still in love. We’ll have gotten through any bad times and will be ready for anything new that comes up. We will be so in love, that our kids will be disgusted by it. Lol

Financially we will be good. I’m going to continue climbing the ladder at work, and he’s going to find a job he loves. Like decorating houses, he’d be awesome at that. Maybe he’ll go back to school and go into the medical field, he’d be great at that too. He has a memory like a steel trap and an eye for detail, so either field would suit him well. Maybe we’ll just get lucky and win the lottery, but we have to play to win and we are missing that component thus far.

We will definitely be doing well. And we’ll be happy. The normalcy we’ve always craved will be a daily routine for us. White picket fence, kids, minivan, soccer games, family vacations, and all.

That’s what I envision for my (our) future.

Tomorrow’s topic: my views on drugs and alcohol.


One comment

  1. finnwest2015 · August 20, 2015

    Wishing you all the best Jason. Good things come to those that are focused. Stay driven and your dreams will come true.
    Tim sounds amazing.
    Finn xx


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