Book Review: Irony by Mindy S. Downs

Here is a link to buy the book. Spoilers may be included.

Irony by Mindy S. Downs is not the usual type of book I read. It is a love story, while I tend to stick more towards supernatural fiction and crime/espionage thrillers. But I actually KNOW the author, I wanted to read it. Mindy and I used to work together years ago, and we’ve always stayed in touch. She’s a single mom of three boys, put herself through school, worked full time, and still had time to write a great novel. On with the review…


Kensie Newman thought she figured out what love was at an early age. She knew what it meant but not how to get it. She fell in love with the boy next door, her best friend, Gabriel. When her grandmother passes away suddenly, she loses contact with him. Fifteen years, many failed relationships, a marriage, and children later, she finds Gabriel and attempts to be an adult while riding a spiraling roller coaster of emotions. She didn’t know it then, but figures out quickly that what she’s been looking for was not too far out of reach. Her life takes a strange turn she never imagined and leads her to where she wants to be. Some hearts never mend, some are like shards of a broken mirror, impossible to clean up, impossible to put back together, but it paints a picture of a bigger worth. We lead one life and we have to make the best of it. It all comes down to faith; faith in what we want and what we believe. (Via Amazon)

My review:

I really enjoyed this book. I’ll give it 4.5 out of 5 stars, only docking for a few spelling/grammatical errors. 

The struggle to find love while balancing your day to day life is one we are all well acquainted with. Also, remembering a lost love strikes true with most of us. I liked this book because it shows that finding love where you least expect it is a story I can relate to.

The main character, Kensie, pines for a lost love from her teenage years (who hasn’t?), Gabriel, and finally reconnects with him after 15+ years. She gets swept up into his world for a week. The reconnection doesn’t go as she planned, however, and she spends more time with his assistant/best friend, Spencer. It’s obvious that Spencer likes her, but she is there to possibly rekindle a romance with Gabriel, so she resists him at every turn. As her week goes on, she relents and realises that she may, in fact, like Spencer. He treats her how she wants to be treated by Gabriel.

The last day of her week, she is confused and ready to leave. After she gets home, she flies off the next day to try to talk to Spencer who had also left to visit his parents in Florida. She meets his parents, but no sign of Spencer…because he drove to her home in Tennessee to see her!

With Gabriel’s blessing and meddling, Spencer and Kensie find the love the are looking and longing for. While Gabriel will always be her first love, she finds what she truly needs in Spencer.

This book, albeit short, has a lot of themes we can all relate to, finding love in an unexpected place, the fast paced whirlwind romance, and the blindness to see what you are seeking is right in front of you the whole time.  We can all relate to this story.

Being just shy of 200 pages, it is a short read, but worth it. I read it in a few hours.

The best part, is while describing her failed attempts to find love, she mentions the “guy from the mall, Jason, who turned out to not like girls at all”. That’s right people, I made it on page 12!  Seriously though, read it.

Check out the author’s blog here.


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