If I Were A Time Traveler

I’m a huge history buff. HUGE. I get made fun of for watching the history channel for hours on end, I read a lot of historical fiction, I thoroughly enjoy museums, I enjoy documentaries about history and ancient times, and I like to know the history of places I go. I’m a nerd about it. Accept it, I have. I embrace it.

I think a lot about what it would be like to be in these past times. Granted, certain time periods entice me more than others, but I try to put myself in the shoes of persons past whenever I think about history.

I often think about what it would be like if I could travel through time. When would I go? What would I like to see with my own eyes rather than hear the retelling through a history book? Who would I want to meet if I could? Would I stick to the history events I know, or would I seek out things that had not interested me before? Will I find that history is as I know it, or did it happen differently?

There are obvious things I’d want to see or know;
Who really shot Kennedy?
Was Queen Elizabeth I really as virginal as history claims?
Was Napoleon Bonaparte the little dictator I’ve always heard about? How did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids?
What was Michelangelo thinking of as he painted the ceiling of the Sistine chapel?
What really happened to the knights templar?
Did Yoko Ono have more to do with the breakup of the Beatles than we think?
Was King Tut murdered, or did he just did young?
Who broke William Shakespeare’s heart that he could write such tragic love stories?
How did Cleopatra decide suicide was the best option she had?
What was going through president Truman’s mind when he gave the okay to drop the nuclear bombs on Japan?
Who killed the Black Dahlia?
Did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide, or was she murdered?
Who is the sphinx supposed to represent?
Was Atlantis real, or a work of fiction?
Where did Dante get his inspiration for Hell, without prior mention of it in the bible?

There are many questions I have. I would like to go back to see the answers. Granted, I know that I couldn’t change anything. The butterfly effect clearly states one little change could effect everything as I know it, and I tend to agree. But would seeing these events change them in my mind? Or would it just bring clarification to what I already knew?

The possibilities could be endless. What questions would you like to see answered?


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