Getting Over Depression

A few weeks ago, I was depressed. It lasted longer than a day, which is odd for me, I usually bounce back quickly. A lot of things culminated to lead to my “infinite sadness”, which I won’t bore you with. Instead, I’d like to talk about the ways that help me get out of a funk. Perhaps they’ll be helpful to others.

1. Music. Sadly, depressing sad music actually makes me feel better. Sometimes it’s because a song will take me back to a previous hard time and I will remember how I got over that, and I will get over this one too. Other times, a song is so dark and sad that I realize that my problems pale in comparison. And other times, a song is about something I’ve never been sad about, but would like to experience the joy that lead to that sorrow.     Yes, I’m weird, I know.

2. Friends. We all need a friend or friends we can be real with. No lies, no bullshit, no fake personas…just real talk. Real friends (at least mine) don’t sugar coat things. They tell you how it is, not what you want to hear. They also remind you of all the good things that are better than whatever is making you sad.

3. Alone time. Seriously, sometimes you just need to be alone with your thoughts to process life’s woes. Busy work with your hands usually helps me here too.

4. Reviving an old past time that once made you happy, but you had gotten away from. In my case, it was sudoku. Hadn’t done one in a while, have done several in the last few weeks.

5. Revisit your past. Think about all the tough times you’ve been through, concentrate on how you moved on and how much you grew as a person in each instance. Nothing is a better motivator than realizing how strong you’ve become and how much you’ve learned from your past.

These are some of the ways I get over depression. I’m not a psychologist or mental health professional, but they work for me. Maybe they can work for you too. There is no one defined way to get over sadness, everyone needs to deal with and process information and grief on their own terms. These are merely suggestions.

Glad to be back!


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