The South and Gays Under Attack (Again)

Once again, I have found myself shaking my head at the news today. Due to the racially motivated church killing in the news recently, and the fact that the shooter, a white boy who happened to have had some pictures taken with a confederate flag, we now have to remove all signs of said flag from the country’s public areas. This is ludicrous.

I’m not saying that some of the people who have a confederate flag are not racist, I’m sure they are. Some of them, not all. The confederate flag was the symbol of the south when they wanted to be their own country. Just like the union army kept the American flag (as it was at that time). It is a symbol of history. Not a symbol of racism.

While the southern states lost their battle for freedom, going to the south is like going to a different country for those of born elsewhere. The people act different, the climate is different, the whole mood is different. Not in a bad way, just different than what you experience in the other places. The same could be said for New England, or the west coast, the Midwest, or the southwest. The confederate flag is what held those states together. Solidarity in the fact they didn’t like something and fought valiantly to change it.

By removing this icon, they are being told that what they have believed in for over 150 years no longer matters. Then try to justify it in the name of racism. Sheer insanity. Yes, during the civil war, slavery was an issue. Blacks (as well as women, Asians, Latinos, and every other minority group) had no rights. During that time period, the south wanted to keep things as they were, so yes the people who represented this flag were, at that time, racist. But the flag itself was not a symbol of racism. That belongs to the klan hoods. Taking down a flag will not stop people from being racist.

But the crazy point of this rant is that now that we’ve removed all the confederate flags, people are now calling to remove all gay pride flags. Seriously?! Their argument being that if the confederate flag is the symbol of racism, then the gay pride flag is forcing homosexuality on America. Like the people arguing this point aren’t forcing their religious beliefs on others? If you don’t believe gay marriage is right, don’t marry a gay person. If you don’t believe that what gay people do fits into your belief system, stay out of bed with gay people.

Right wing extremist have lost their damn minds….



  1. lovetotrav · June 25, 2015

    Just one word… sickening.


  2. finnwest2015 · June 26, 2015

    Crazy. But an interesting read! Thanks.
    And yes, they have clearly lost their minds bro. Question is whether they had minds to begin with.


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