Would You Rather? (Book Lover’s Edition)

I follow this great site on Facebook called The Reading Room. They post a lot of great articles and fabulous pictures of libraries, as well as quotes, book reviews, and other awesome book related things.

Today they posted a little quiz “Would You Rather? Book Edition!” This is the link, if want to play yourself.  I thought I’d run through my answers with you. Fourteen questions, it won’t take long.

1.  Would you rather spend the day with your favorite author or your favorite character?

Tough call. But I’m going to spend my day with my favorite author, Anne Rice. I have a lot of favorite characters and it would be tough to choose just one.

2. Would you rather be in a fantasy book or a dystopian book?

Fantasy book, definitely. Books involving dystopian societies are good and entertaining, but if I were in that world, it would be depressing to see a world similar to the one I once knew. Whereas in a fantasy world, it would be completely different.

3. Would you rather read only books from a series, or only stand alone novels?

Series, definitely. I like getting into the world set up by the author and being there as characters grow. Stand alones are great, but I like a series better.

4. Would you rather be with your fiction love interest or your real world crush?

This question seemed a bit silly to me, like we were in middle school again. Really, who uses the word “crush” as an adult unless talking to or referring to a teenager? 
But to answer the question, I guess my husband. I’ve never really had a love interest from a novel. I care about the characters I love, but I can’t say that I thought “wow, I wish he were real to love me”.

5. Would you rather be a professional reviewer or a famous author?

Another tough question. I have wanted to be an author for a long time (I know, get off my butt and do it), but I’d have to go with professional reviewer here. It would be awesome to read others’ work for a living. Reading the words and stories of people far more talented than I think I am, getting wrapped up in their stories and worlds would be awesome. Getting paid to read? Yes, please!

6. Would you rather be Katniss (from the Hunger Games) or Tris (from Divergent)?

Katniss. I have, but have not read, the Divergent series, so Katniss wins by default.

7. Would you rather have a friend never return a favorite book or drop your favorite book in a pool?

I’d be devastated by the loss of a book, no matter the circumstances. I currently own three copies of my favorite book, so as long as one of them was safe, I’d survive.

8. Would you rather have your favorite book become a movie or a tv show?

Tough call. Seeing what the entertainment industry has done to several book adaptations, I can’t say I’d be thrilled with either. But gun to my head, I’ll go with tv show. There is entirely too much information, storyline, and subplots to cram into a 2-3 hour movie.

9. Would you rather have to dog-ear your pages, or never mark your place?

Dog-ear. If I buy a book, it’s mine. I don’t resell them or give them away. I’ve also been known to underline quotes and makes notes in the margins. Some people find it sacrilege, I call it learning and growing as a reader.

10. Would you rather be a character in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? 

Harry Potter. Who doesn’t want to be magical?

11. Would you rather have to wait five years for the installment in your favorite series, or get it now but have to read every spoiler about it before you can read it?

Wait five years. I waited longer than that for Prince Lestat, the latest in the vampire chronicles and I didn’t read a single spoiler, review, or synopsis. I wanted to take it all in fresh. I DID read the previous ten books in the series before it came out.

12. Would you rather be forced to read the last chapter of a book first or be forced to see the movie based on a book first?

Watch the movie. I would rather see how Hollywood butchers it than have to know the ending. The way they make movies nowadays, the Book may end differently anyway.

13. Would you rather have to re-read your least favorite book once a month, or never re-read your favorite book again?

As much as it pains me, I’d give up reading my favorite book. I’ve read it over a dozen times as it is, so I will always remember it. But I don’t think I could re-read a book I can’t get into over and over again.

14. Would you rather have unlimited free books for a lifetime or live inside your favorite book?

I have questions. Do I get to pick the books? Do I replace a character or am I an addition? I would LOVE free books, but I don’t want to read what others tell me. I prefer to choose my own. On the other hand, live as a character in my favorite book? I would love to, but as the book spans over three centuries, do I get to be alive all of it, or do I just be one character at one point in time?  I guess I’ll take the free books.

What would you rather do in these situations?


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