The Best Beatles Songs (In My Opinion) Part 3

This is part 3 of a 4 part blog. part 1
part 2
We are getting down to the excellent stuff now. I have to admit, as this has went along, I’ve had a hard time deciding the order. But I’m sticking to my decisions.

30. A Hard Day’s Night Lyric Video
I slave away, but I forget all that seeing you….aww, how sweet.

29. She Loves You Lyric Video
Another great loves song. And the “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah” pops up in another song later. You know which one?

28. All My Loving Lyric Video
A great song about missing your love. Across The Universe did it justice here.

27. I Saw Her Standing There Lyric Video
A song about a crush. Hopefully from a teenage point of view because grown mnemonic singing about a 17 year old is creepy.

26. Here, There, And Everywhere Lyric Video
A beautiful song. Simple music, great lyrics.

25. Hello, Goodbye Lyric Video
I’ve had many friends and relationships like this, we disagree just to be disagreeing. But no matter how many goodbyes, there was always a hello.

24. In My Life Lyric Video
I first heard Bette Midler do this song ( here ) in the movie For The Boys then I found out it was a Beatles song. I’ve always loved both versions. It’s a great song.

23. Get Back Lyric Video
I love the bass line in this. The whole song is great, another story song.

22. I Want To Hold Your Hand Lyric Video
I like this song, it was one of my favorites growing up, but what moves it higher up the list for me now is the Across The Universe soundtrack version. T. V. Carpio KILLS IT in the movie. Her version here. The whole scene where she’s singing it hits home for me.

21. I’ve Just Seen A Face Lyric Video
A bit country-ish sounding, but I like it. Again, the Across The Universe soundtrack has an awesome version here.

20. We Can Work It Out Lyric Video
I love this song (obviously, it broke my top 20). “Life is very short, and there’s no time, for fussing and fighting my friend” I could not agree more. A great cover version by PFR featuring Phil Keaggy here.

19. Revolution Lyric Video
When I was in high school/college I worked at this truck stop in the restaurant. We had the white album on the juke box and I played this song to death. A woman I worked with actually paid me one night not to play it.

18. Oh, Darling Lyric Video
Very soulful. Across The Universe (again) has an excellent version here. That is a clip from the actual movie, not a lyric video.

17. Dear Prudence Lyric Video
A great song about bringing some one out of their shell. Or in my case, coaxing a recluse out of the house. Again, check out Across The Universe version here.

16. The Ballad Of John And Yoko Lyric Video
I love the music of this song more than the lyrics, but it’s a great story of two lovers escaping from the public eye.

This ends part 3. The top 15 Beatles tunes up next, stay tuned!!!


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