The Best Beatles Songs (In My Opinion) Part 1

This is part 1 of a 4 part blog.

The Beatles were the best band ever. I’m not taking arguments on that point, just stating what I believe to be fact.  So, to honor their legacy, I thought I’d run down the best 60 Beatles tracks (in my opinion). Over their run as a band, they recorded 309 songs that were on their studio albums, there were many more live recordings. I tried to narrow this down to 50, but could not.

Links will be provided for your listening pleasure, I’ve tried to include the lyric video whenever possible. Any notable covers that stand out to me will also be included.

60. Yellow Submarine Lyric Video
Wow, the Beatles did a lot of drugs. This song isn’t the best, I mean really, who lives in a submarine? But it is catchy, and shows that, in 1966, when they were a few years from quitting all together, they still had a bit of fun.

59. Don’t Let Me Down Lyric Video
A great love song. From their last album. Also used in the film Across The Universe, listen to the soundtrack version here.

58. Day Tripper Lyric Video
A great song from the Rubber Soul album. A throwback to the type of sound they had when they first hit the airwaves, but an obvious play on words during their drug use years.

57. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Lyric Video
This songs SOUNDS fun, a good beat, lively timing…but it’s about a serial killer. I know, I’m creepy.

56. Ticket To Ride Lyric Video
About a breakup. Great song. The Carpenters have a sadder version of it here.

55. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Lyric Video
I have no clue. It’s catchy though. I’m assuming it means ‘Hey Lucy, here’s some drugs, let me lead your hallucinations while I sing about you”. Bono covered it for Across The Universe.

54. Do You Want To Know A Secret Lyric Video
Aww, love songs. I kill on this at karaoke.

53. When I’m Sixty Four Lyric Video
Will you grow old with me? Said in the sweetest way.

52. Because Lyric Video
“Love is all, love is you” great lyric. I love the cast version from Across The Universe here.

51. Girl Lyric Video
I’m a sucker for love songs. It’s the beginning song in Across The Universe and sets the tone for the whole movie.

50. Mother Nature’s Son Lyric Video
I like this song. Sheryl Crow covered it for the I Am Sam soundtrack. Hear her version here.

49. Paperback Writer Lyric Video
It’s like it was written for me (years before I was born). Dream job, really. The music is catchy too.

48. Here Comes The Sun Lyric Video
Getting over sadness. Enough said.

47. Real Love Lyric Video
This song was lost for years, then released in 1996 on the second Beatles Anthology. It was tweaked by the three surviving (at the time) members 15 years after John Lennon’s death. I loved it the first time I heard it. “I thought I’d been in love before/but in my heart I wanted more”….genius.

46. Can’t Buy Me Love Lyric Video
Early Beatles. When the Fab Four were the bee’s knees to every teenage girl in America (and the rest of the world).

Catch 45 – 31 in part 2 of this blog.


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