Damn Rain

Sometimes, I like the rain. Like when I’m trying to relax or sleep. The sound is very soothing. We live in an upstairs apartment and our balcony overlooks a metal carport (I know, great view right?), so  the sound of the rain on the metal roof is actually quite nice. Very relaxing. That, combined with some somber music, a good book, and a cup of coffee are the ideal relaxing components.

But sometimes, like today, I want to do some outdoorsy type of things, like hiking. But NO, there have to be storms on the way. Not only rain, but possible severe thunderstorms.

It is gorgeous, if not a bit humid, out now. But you know as soon as I get to a park, it will throw down. That’s how my luck goes. Also, if I resign myself to staying indoors, it will stay nice like this.

Dumb rain, never doing what I want it to…


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