Reasons I Am Strange

It was recently pointed out to me that I am strange. I’m not denying the fact, but it made me consider the reason why someone may think so. I’ve compiled a short list.

1. I love spicy food, but in no way enjoy the texture of peppers in my mouth.
2. I am afraid of heights, and have often said I will never fly in a plane. Actually saying “If I travel, I’ll go by boat. At least if it goes down, I know how to swim.” However I constantly find myself on a ladder at work and have to be coaxed into a pool.
3. I am a history buff, but hate hearing about war. Which is the majority of the the subject taught in schools.
4. I consider myself a “comic book nerd” but haven’t actually read a comic book in years. I more enjoy the universe their respective worlds are set in than actually reading the stories.
5. I think I am intelligent, and pride myself on constantly learning and becoming smarter, yet I rarely read or watch anything to support this claim.
6. I think I’m hilarious, others find me amusing. My husband doesn’t think I’m funny at all.
7. Queen is one of my favorite bands of all time, and thoroughly enjoy their music, but I enjoy (with the exception of Bohemian Rhapsody) other people’s covers of their music more. The same can be said of the Carpenter’s music.
8. Movies based on books are never as good as the book itself. Yet I’ve seen numerous movies repeatedly, while only reading the book once.
9. I’ve often said that if I were single, I’d be the only living thing in my cats, no people, no plants. During my nap everyday I coax at least one of the cats into napping with or on top of me and I water my husband’s bonsai trees daily.
10. I took Spanish in school for five years, and understand quite a lot, yet I practically refuse to speak it to people. A co-worker of mine is exact opposite, she speaks her native Spanish to me and I respond in English to her.
11. I have had a guitar for about four years, and while I play a mean air guitar, I don’t know how to play.
12. I complain about people hoarding things, but I have things hidden also. Usually sweets from my diabetic husband.
      12 b. I think he’s a pack rat when it comes to things, but I keep as much stuff as he does, I think my things are just more organized and creating less clutter.
13. I do not believe in organised religion, but I like Christmas music.
14. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, and enjoy educating others. But 75% of children and teenagers annoy the living hell out of me.

These things do make me a little strange, also kind of a hypocrite.


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