Jeb Bush: Think Before You Speak

Recently in an interview, Jeb Bush made the statement that only traditional marriage (one man and one woman) could lift children out of poverty. Here’s a link to the article on the interview: here

First off, I’d like to state that I am not a fan of his. The last thing I think we need is another Bush in the white house. But I’ll keep my political views limited to this article alone.

This is the most asinine bullshit I’ve heard. Traditional marriage in no way shapes the income level of a household. One’s sexuality in no way determines how much income a family has.  In fact I believe the exact opposite is true in most cases. Let me explain why.

– A man and a woman get married, they work but aren’t making all that much money and they are living paycheck to paycheck. It happens to a lot of folks, especially with a downtrodden economy. They are living and have the basic needs, but little money for anything extra. Since they can’t afford a lot of luxuries (like birth control), she gets pregnant. They weren’t trying to conceive, but it happens. So then they are still living as they were, but with a little less because now they have a third mouth to feed. They make it work, and kudos to them for doing so, but getting ahead of the game isn’t as easy as it sounds.  They aren’t homeless, or hungry, but they are still below the poverty line.

– Two men get married and want a child. The work hard, save their money because they know that in vitro fertilization is expensive. Adoption is also expensive. They will be checked by child services to see if they live in a home suitable for a child, they have to be above a certain financial status to show they can afford a child, not to mention the cost of the IVF or adoption itself. This is something no one takes into consideration, we (gay couples who want kids) have to have years of hard work, planning, and saving money to achieve our goals. We can’t just “accidentally” become pregnant, as one of us is lacking one of the components to conceive. Men don’t have a uterus, women cannot produce sperm.

So by saying that only a traditional marriage can help a family out of poverty is completely ridiculous. I grew up in a home that wasn’t rich. We weren’t starving or homeless, but luxuries like vacations, new toys, extra curricular activities, all the latest games and fads, and clothes that weren’t from a yard sale or thrift shop didn’t happen often. And when they did, they were saved for and planned ahead of time.

I’m not saying that all heterosexual couples that have kids are going to become poor, nor am I saying that all the homosexual couples who have kids are rich. But Jeb Bush’s comments that ONLY a heterosexual couple in a traditional marriage is the only way to get your kids out of poverty is preposterous. Perhaps he should think about the level of income required for a gay couple to have children versus how easy it is for a straight couple (who may already be living in poverty) to bring a child into their family.

Do some research and think before you speak, Mr. Bush.


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