Rainy Days And Mondays

Yes, I know that’s a Carpenter’s song, it was intentional. I don’t really have the blues, but I might by the end of the day.

Mondays are always difficult for me. Not because it’s Monday, but because I’ve usually had Sunday off of work and I have a lot to do. The company of work for has this annoying habit of wanting us to get our regular job done, recover from the weekend’s sales, AND implement new ideas and strategies…all on Monday. They know we only work 8 hour shifts right?

This morning, when I get to work, I will have had a truck delivery that needs to be either worked to the sales floor or put into the appropriate place in the backroom, price changes that need to be worked, inventory control, donations/damaged merchandise to process out, making sure the sales floor is full, ensuring my employees did as they were asked to do in my absence, any markdowns I need to do. And I need to have all of this done roughly ASAP when I get there at 7 am. It never really gets done as fast as I would like, or as fast as the boss man would like. Not to mention, after his arrival, he will come up with something new I’m sure.

Mondays are tough. But the rest of the week goes easier. Just have to get through today.

Here’s my favorite cover of the song mentioned:

Cracker – Rainy Days and Mondays


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