I’m not mad, that’s just how my face looks

I have a problem recently dubbed “resting bitch face”. I’ve always had it, but only in the last few years did someone coin this phrase for it. I can’t help it, I just look this way. I’m usually not pissed off, I’m actually a pretty nice guy, but apparently this “look” that I have makes me seem unapproachable.

With that being said, sometimes I do come across as rude. Not because I specifically set out to be, but because I refuse to lie to people when they ask me a dumb question. i.e. Does this make me look fat?, Am I too old for this kid’s stuff?, Do you like my hair? Stuff like that. I try to be nice with my honesty, but when someone asks if what they are wearing makes them look fat, and it does, you can only sugar coat the truth so much. “Well, perhaps a form fitting dress isn’t as flattering on you as it would be on some one else.” See, I didn’t lie, but I didn’t flat out call you fat either.

My personal favorite is when some one asks me about their hair. I AM BALD. That’s like asking a blind man for painting advice. Or a deaf person if a song is good. Or a vegetarian what they think about the steak at the restaurant you are dining in. In this instance, the asker of the question is already the one being rude. Just like dangling a carrot before a horse.  So, when my answer isn’t what you want to hear, just keep in mind you just asked a bald man about hair advice.

I don’t have a lot of friends. Mostly by my choice. I am friendly to people, but I’m not hanging out with them by any means. It’s not that I don’t want friends, I’m just picky about the ones I have. If you bring more drama than you do fun times, you aren’t for me. If you are not that bright due to your own lack of desire to learn new things (or you are so naive that you believe everything you hear or read on the internet), you aren’t for me. If you think the basis of a “good time” is going to a bar or party as often as possible, you aren’t for me. I know I’m picky, and I don’t lead people on or give them any allusions that we will be friends if I don’t think we will be.

I do feel sorry for the people that I am friends with. (I am guessing) They are constantly defending me to other people that I encounter.


I think that about sums it up. Sorry to the people I put in this situation!


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