Car trouble

I’d never make it as a mechanic. We were travelling to a park today to get some fresh air and exercise when our tire blew. We got to the gas station to put the spare tire on, and got the spare, jack, and tire iron out of the trunk.

Apparently, the incredible hulk put those lug nuts on, I had to stand my whole body on the tire iron to get them loose. Not just stand on, bounce on it. And I’m still carrying winter weight I haven’t lost yet. So approximately 225 pounds jumping on a tire iron.

I finally got four of the five loose. The last one was being particularly difficult. I took a break from the jumping on the metal bar for a minute. When I resumed, I jumped as I was before, trying to loosen the damn nut.

Then my inner He-Man came out as I broke the tire iron. Snapped it right in two. Now, granted this was not due to a feat of strength, more of a fat guy jumping on a metal pole. But the damn lug nut still hadn’t moved.  We had to get help from someone with better tools.

We eventually got the spare tire on…after trying it backwards first, because, again, we are not mechanics. We skipped the park after breaking a sweat trying to change a tire.


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