Unrealistic Expectations

My life is full of unrealistic expectations. I’ve accepted it, and learned to adjust accordingly. I know I should lower my expectations, to be more obtainable, but I kind of like reaching for the stars.

There are a lot of things I expect too much of:

-That the people who work under me at work will actually do everything I need them do without me there to babysit….is it all that hard to do your job unsupervised? Being the boss of a department I was once a peon in, I can tell you that it is not.

-That my three cats actually get along. There are eight rooms in my apartment, there are only three of you. If you can’t get along, don’t be in the same room (sounds like my mom’s rules for me and my two brothers).


Three cats. They all have to be on the couch, but cannot touch one another.

-That things that are so delicious to to eat, will actually be good for me. It would be awesome to eat a tasty bowl of pasta, or a yummy pizza, and still lose weight. Or at least not gain any more. I guess this is more about my unrealistic body expectations. I come from a long line of overweight people, and I (while still chubby) try not let it get out of hand. But I don’t exactly try to make it better either…just kind of maintain.


My unrealistic body expectation


My body reality

-That I could get the equal amount of alone time and social interaction.  Sometimes I just want to be alone, sometimes I don’t. Of course they usually happen at times when the other is the case.

-That book series I love would be published as fast (or faster) than in can read them. The waiting is torture! I am looking at you Anne Rice, James Patterson, Kathy Reichs, Rick Riordan, Greg Iles, and Tess Gerritsen…

-That great shows I love wouldn’t end. Or at least not end badly. Friends had a good run, but it could have got another season or two. Charmed could have went on a long time, there is no end to evil, but they had gotten on a rocky path the last season…they could come back and pretend season eight never happened. Cougar Town, it’s only been a month or so, but I miss you already. True Blood, you went off the rails a few times, but a show about immortal beings doesn’t really need an end, right?

These are a few of the things I expect, but will never get. Doesn’t stop me from dreaming, right?


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