Wicked (A review)

I saw Wicked this afternoon for the first time. If you’ve read my blog, you understand my obsession (See blog titled The Wicked Witch Of The West). Here’s my take on it.

It was AMAZING. The costumes were great, the set design was outstanding, and the cast was on point (that’s young people slang for wonderful). I’ll admit that I got a little teary eyed a couple of times. Defying Gravity is one of them, As Long As You’re Mine was another. Especially at the ending…I was so happy that I had finally seen it, that I was a little emotional.

I loved it, I’m going to remember it for a long time and I’d go see it again in a heartbeat. My husband even liked it and he’s not as into musicals I am.


Husband and I after seeing Wicked

There were a lot of humorous moments and the actress playing Glinda stole the show. I laughed a lot. I resisted singing along, I was proud of myself for that.

All in all, it was the most amazing live performance of a musical I’ve ever seen. Including any that I was a part of in high school. (Sorry, Jessica, I know you read this)

And Ashley Parker Angel (who played Fiyero) has a lot of ass. Or his pants were too tight. One of the two.


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