Writer’s Block

I feel the need to write. The desire is there. But after starting, and scrapping, about five different blogs this morning, I’m coming up empty handed on a suitable topic. I think the worst example of this was about twenty minutes ago when I started to write about how I’m a creature of habit. I have a routine I follow, and if I don’t follow it, I feel weird. After about three paragraphs detailing what I usually do, and how today has been different, I decided I was obviously crazy and deleted the whole post.

I tried looking for writing prompts, for ideas on topics to write about. I found you can get lots of widgets and apps to generate ideas, but not one of the three I looked at generated anything. They just spouted what they could do, without actually doing anything. They must have been created by some people I work with…

I’m off work for three days. I expected to get a lot written in those days, but apparently I’m not. My mind has either gone blank, or is so full of crap that nothing is solidly forming. I hope it’s the latter, I’d hate to be brain dead and not know it.


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