A to Z: Z is for Zero Tolerance

By now, dear reader, you should have realized I have some very strong opinions about things. Some things I agree with. Some I’m indifferent about.  Some things I’m not happy about, but I deal with them. Other things I cannot, and will not, tolerate.

Something I have zero tolerance for is bullying. Not just against any one person, or group, or lifestyle, or anything. If you so not a free with someone, that is your right. But do not ever make fun of or hurt that person for not believing/doing/living as you do. It is never acceptable to bully some one with a different life than you. You do not know their story, you have not lived their life. This applies to everyone, regardless of the circumstance.

I also have zero tolerance for people interrupting me when I’m talking. I hate that. If I am telling you something, you listen and rebut. Then I’ll extend you the same courtesy. If you are talking, you aren’t listening.

I have no tolerance for someone that is in the wrong about whatever, but tries to play the victim. You made your bed, now lie in it.

I have zero tolerance for unwarranted rudeness. If someone is rude to you first, I’ll let it slide, but there is no call to be rude to someone first no reason. Especially if you are rude to person A door something person B did. No excuse.

I have no tolerance for bigots. No one in this world is better than anyone else, and no one in this world is always right, no one in this world has the right to oppress anyone else. Sexism, homophobia, and  racism are all problems that those who display them have, not the recipients of their anger. They are diseases spread by hateful people. But the problem does not lie with the victims, just the haters.

And on a lighter note, I have no tolerance for anything pickled. Pickles, beets, eggs, vegetables, whatever. Pickled food is gross. I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to sugar and vinegar stuff in a jar, but it is disgusting.


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