A to Z: V is for Vintage

When I hear the word vintage, I think of something classic, or aged. My mind doesn’t automatically go to “old” but after asking a couple of people at work what they thought of the word, that is what I heard repeatedly.

It’s sad that words such as vintage make people think old. I guess that says a lot about our youth obsessed culture. Yes, I will give you that the word makes me think of something usually more than twenty-five years old, but that doesn’t make it old! Ancient makes it old.

Some things get better with age, wine is a good example. I don’t drink wine myself, but my husband does and a lot of people I know do. They all agree that a vintage wine is better than one made last year.

Here’s a list of “vintage” things I think people can’t argue about:
Wine – better with age
Cars – just don’t make them like they used to
Music – without the old stuff, the new wouldn’t exist
Television – storylines get retold, but never groundbreaking as they once were
Me – as awesome now as I was then

Somethings I think are better newer:
Movies – visuals are better and the story more relevant
Clothes – better now, 25 years ago we had parachute pants…enough said
Books – more relevant storylines to today’s readers.
Me (again) – just keep getting to be a better version of myself

Vintage isn’t a bad thing. New isn’t a bad thing. Without older things, we wouldn’t have the newer things. Quit age shaming! Respect the precursors to today’s everyday items, without them we’d still be in the dark ages.


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