A to Z: T is for Talamasca

The Talamasca is a fictional organization from the brilliant mind of Anne Rice. Featured in many of her books such as The Witching Hour, The Queen Of The Damned, Memnoch The Devil, and Lasher (among others). The Wikipedia page description: The Talamasca Caste (or Order of the Talamasca or simply Talamasca) is described as a secret society set up to watch over and keep track of the paranormal, in particular, witchesspiritswerewolves and vampires. Rice describes them as “psychic detectives“.

I long to read more about them, but as Anne has stated on her Facebook page, she’s tried several times to write a novel solely concerning the Talamasca, but it never has worked out. I personally feel it could be an entire series of books! I would devour them as soon as they were published.

Having not read Anne’s books in order of publication, I first encountered the Talamasca in The Witching Hour. I was fascinated that a secret organization went back so far to watch thirteen generations of witches, not to mention all the other paranormal creatures they monitor. The history they must know, the things they must have seen astounds me. If they were a real order, I’d give anything to be a part of it, even a small part. But as I have no psychic or supernatural abilities, I doubt I’d be considered.

Regardless, I live to hear more from them and it (among other reasons described in previous blog posts) has made me want to read her works with haste to possibly discover more about them. Even in her fictional world, there is still secrecy with them.

Some of the most fascinating characters in her books are all Talamasca members, Aaron Lightner, David Talbot, Merrick Mayfair, Jessie Reeves, Petyr van Abel, to name a few. Especially since the members tend to intertwine with the supernatural people they are “watching”.  Petyr is the father to two generations of the Mayfair witches (an incestuous affair with his daughter spawned the second). Aaron marries into the Mayfair family hundreds of years later. Jessie is the direct descendant of one of the “first brood” of vampires, her great (times a lot) grandmother, Maharet, was turned over 6,000 years ago. David headed the organization before being swept into the world of vampires by Lestat de Lioncourt.

The novels that could be written are endless. Any one of these characters could tell their story, or any number of new characters could tell theirs and how they interact with the very beings they watch over. A history could be written, she touched on how they had dealings with the Knights Templar in The Witching Hour, that could be a novel in itself. The possibilities are endless.

The motto of the Talamasca is “We watch, and we are always here.” I feel the same way about new works by Anne involving the Talamasca. I’ll always be watching for a new one, and I’ll always be ready to read it.


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