A to Z: P is for Paranormal

I love the paranormal and supernatural. A lot. Ghosts, vampires, angels, demons, witches, aliens, and werewolves. I read a lot of fiction containing these elements, watch a lot of television and movies with them also.

Wikipedia defines paranormal as ” Paranormal events are phenomena described in popular culturefolklore and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described to lie beyond normal experience or scientific explanation“. But I often wonder, of the people who believe, if the experiences are outside the normal. And normal for whom? Surely they don’t mean your average American Christian, who believe that angels descend to earth, demons tempt you, and that Jesus rose from the dead? Perhaps they mean an average atheist person, who believes in nothing.

I have never met a vampire, werewolf, or an alien to my knowledge. And I’m on the fence about ghosts. I like the theory that a restless soul is trapped on earth but unable to interact with the physical world, but the sheer number of people of earth and the even larger number of people from the past who have died, make it hard to fathom that there aren’t billions of ghosts haunting this planet. Granted, ghosts are supposedly restless souls with some sort of unfinished business, so that would cut the number drastically, but still…

I don’t believe the traditional lore about vampires. It is scientifically impossible. But I do believe there are individuals on this planet that will suck the life out of you if they could. Not in the “I want to suck your blood” kinda way, but in the “I will use you, abuse you, and leave you broke, alone, and scared” kind of way. They are a special breed of soul sucker.

I also know that it is impossible to be a “traditional” werewolf. But there are some very animalistic people of this planet that would fit the bill. Crazy ass people that will cut you, scratch you, bite you, eat you, and kill you. They may not turn into a wolf on the full moon, but they have the same characteristics.

Aliens are a weird topic for me. Do I believe there is life elsewhere in this universe? Absolutely. Do I like they are visiting us and abducting us? Not even for a minute. And why is it the most awkward, backwoods, creepy people are the only ones getting abducted (allegedly)? You’d think if aliens were coming to this planet, they’d want a high-powered, prime specimen.

Angels and demons are another area of the paranormal that dies fascinate me. I also don’t believe in them. Mostly because I am not a religious person, so you’d have to have a devout faith to even consider their existence. I do believe that there are people on this earth that will help unfortunate people, I guess they are angels. And there are also some evil people that would cause harm or death, I don’t think I’d go so far as to call them demons though.

Now that I’ve debunked all the theories on the paranormal, I’d like to tell you why I like them despite not believing them. When I read about them, or see a movie with them. I can put myself into that world, where they do exist. And they are usually great stories of good overcoming evil. Even if the “good” is a paranormal entity. Usually the take is one of morality, with a lesson to be learned and though not directly, can be applied to real life. Much like fairy tales all children learn. 


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