A to Z: N is for Never

I have liked my life, and I have no regrets (see my “If I Knew Then” two-part blog), but there are somethings about me that I have never done. Some good, some bad. Here’s some more fun facts about me.

Never have I ever..

Driven a motorcycle
Been west of St. Louis
Finished writing a novel (though I’ve started several)
Had sex with a woman
Left the country
Had the nerve to go to a gym
Played football
Understood football
Been arrested
Received a college degree
Watched Game of Thrones
Had a day without caffeine
Been someone’s best man
Been published in a newspaper or magazine
Enjoyed the Dave Matthews Band
Had a good experience with a police officer
Thought Taylor Swift was cool
Had kids
Ran a marathon
Like the song The Safety Dance
Been on a cruise
Enjoyed the taste of Pepto Bismol
Cared for fishing
Liked haunted houses (I hate people jumping out at me)
Liked snow
Been artistic
Owned a house
Had a desire to dress up more than a tee shirt and jeans
Climbed a mountain
Like ranch dressing


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