A to Z: L is for Lottery

In trying to keep this post somewhat light, I thought it would fun to tell you what I’d do if I won the lottery. Not from a scratch off, but a BIG win from the power ball or something. Like a billion dollars. Not that I play really, but it’s a dream.

First off, I’d change my number. Not that I get a lot of calls now, but I bet I would if I had money. I’d give the new number to a few people, but swear them to secrecy.

Second, I’d be completely debt free. I’d use some of what was left to invest so I still always had money coming in.

Next I’d quit my job (with notice, of course). I like my job for the most part, but I know my future plans with my newfound wealth wouldn’t work well with my having a job requiring my presence forty hours a week.

After that, the husband and I would travel. He is a military brat, so he’s been a lot of places, but I have not. I long to see so many places, and it would be nice not having to hurry through them as if I were on a week long vacation. I’ve only been west of the Mississippi twice, both times BARELY west of it, so I’d like to head out west. Texas, Arizona, California, Washington, I’d even like to go to Vegas. I’m not a gambler but at least I could say I’ve been.  I’d also like to leave the country. I’m dying to visit Rome, Tuscany, Paris, London, Barcelona, Athens, Sydney, Cairo, Rio, anywhere in the Caribbean. Being the history buff I am, I would love to take these places in and thoroughly enjoy them.

After our (apparently) long trip, we’d decide where we wanted to live. I’d vote for the south, probably New Orleans or somewhere like it. Maybe someplace else if something strikes me on our travels. But regardless of where it is, I’d have a home built. Not buy one that’s existing, I’d have a brand new home built. I have something in mind. I’m sure the hubby will disagree, but we can talk about it.

After we had our new house, I’m sure we’d need something to do. He can’t stay at home all the time because he’d go crazy. I’d be fine staying at home all the time, as I’m a bit reclusive, but to give him some sanity I’d find something to do.  Perhaps a book store needs my help, or some charity or something to keep me occupied.

I’d donate money to charities that meant something. I would definitely help homeless LGBT youth, AIDS charities, drug abuse recovery centers, and a couple other medical issue charities that I feel need it.

I would furnish the house of course, and probably buy some new clothes and shoes, but I don’t foresee buying a lot of crap. Stuff is just stuff, and we have too much of that as it is. I’m sure we’d get souvenirs from our travels, but I don’t need a lot of stuff piling up.

If I had a lot of money, I’d want to travel, to help people in need, and to finally own my own home. Those are my big three goals.


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