A to Z: J is for “J” names

I deal with a LOT of people with “J” names. When I was growing up, I thought it was just my family. My name is Jason, I have two brothers named Joseph and Joshua. As I got into high school, I realized it wasn’t just our family that seemed to have this obsession. I went to a very small school, there were 67 people in my graduating class. If memory serves (and granted I graduated 18 years ago and don’t have a yearbook handy) there were seven Jasons and six Jessicas. Not to mention the other “J” names! Apparently those were the popular names in the late seventies.

Even now I encounter a lot of “j” names. I have two brother-in-laws, both with “J” names, at work there are four “J” names in the management staff alone, let alone the employees. Hell, even my husband’s middle name stars with J. I feel surrounded by them.

For I while I was put of by it, like my name (and extension, me) was somehow less special, like I had to share something that was mine alone. But now I realize that I am a part of a club that is obviously far stretching.  Sorry if you don’t belong.

So Jason, Joe, Josh, Jeremy, Jonathon, Jacob, Jerry, John, Jeffrey, Justin, Joseph, James, Jessica, Jennifer, Jon, Jose, Juan, Jesse, Jeff, Jeanne, Julie, Julia (and many, many more)…this is for us. We rock the letter “J” better than seasame street ever did!


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