A to Z: H is for Humor

Humor is the best medicine. I know everyone has heard that, but don’t you think it’s true?

I am HORRIBLE at remembering jokes, so don’t look for any here, but I love to laugh. My husband is probably the funniest person I know. He constantly makes me laugh. We both have that dry sarcastic sense of humor. We also have this thing where one of us will say something completely off the wall and then stare at each other to see who cracks first (99% of the time it’s me). For instance, yesterday he said his ankle felt weird, I said weird how? He said just different. I said like it hurts or it feels like an elbow? I then lost the staring contest by laughing at myself. Things don’t have to make sense to be funny. Ask any two year old to tell you a joke…

I’m not huge on comedy movies really, they are usually pretty predictable and you see the joke coming. I love watching stand up though. Me and Adam used to laugh for hours at comedians, especially Dave Chappell.

There’s usually always an element of truth in comedy. A lot of people at work think I’m being funny when I’m just stating the truth. Of course of try to deliver it in a humorous way. I love to hear other’s laugh.

I’d rather laugh and be amused than feel anything else. That euphoric feeling you get when you laugh so hard you snort then you laugh some more at that is the best. So much better than feeling stressed, sad, depressed, or numb.

Keep laughing readers!


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