A to Z: D is for Drama

And I’m not talking a great movie starring Meryl Streep. I mean that annoying drama that people bring to you and pollute your life.

I understand that shit happens to people, and every one had some personal drama they need to deal with. But the key to a happy life is how you deal with it.

If you (or the people you associate with) ALWAYS have something wrong or going on that is causing you stress, it’s your fault. It’s fine to help a friend out in a time of need or to reach out a friend in your time, but when you broadcast the problems everywhere, expect to be judged.

When I see someone and I ask “how are you?” The answer should not be “well my baby daddy’s trying to kill me and turn my kids against me, and I have this headache that won’t go away because I won’t take an aspirin because my mom’s brother’s first wife’s sister’s dog’s former owner’s dad died of taking them, and I hate my job because they are always yelling at me for being on my phone, and I tried to date this guy but he wanted to take me out every Saturday and I have a life and can’t be bothered to see the same guy week after week without some kind of commitment”.  Not only is that the longest run on sentence, all of those are your problems and mostly your fault.  You chose to have kids with that man, learn to get along for the children’s sake. If you have a headache, take something or don’t bitch about it. And if a guy wants to see you on a regular basis, that IS commitment.

Keep your personal problems to yourself, or to a close friend. EVERYONE doesn’t need to know your business. Only you can fix your problems, take charge of your own life and do so!


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  1. Carol · April 15, 2015



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