Indiana’s stupid law

I am from Indiana. Though I don’t live there now,  I love close enough to hear and deal with their nonsense. My family still lives there and occasionally, a few times a year, I am in the state. This RFRA law is ludicrous. I’m aware eighteen other states already have the same law, but not worded to personally discriminate against the LGBT community. It is pure and utter hatred.

The people of Indiana voted and it passed into law that same-sex marriage is legal in the state of Indiana. Unfortunately, the constituents got no say so in this newly passed “religious freedom”  law. It is just the law makers and Governor Mike Pence saying “hey, we hate you gays and we are out to get you”.  Part of his congressional platform in the early 2000’s was a stance against same-sex marriage, he is clearly set in his ways.

Let’s talk  about this so called “religious freedom” that Mike Pence and his buddies felt they were lacking.  This country was founded on the freedom of religion. That’s why early American settlers came across the seas in the first place to escape religious persecution in Europe. I do not feel that one religion has ever been more suppressed than another in this country. Europe, yes (remember a little man named Adolf Hitler?), but not so much here.  And what of this “thou shalt not judge” that religious people shout, but rarely practice? That seems to me that’s exactly what they are doing. Judging.

Two people in love of any sex, color, religion, national orientation, sexual orientation, gender, social status, etc. should be allowed to do as they please. Marry who they want, get their wedding cake where they want, have as many kids as they want. Why? Because we are all Americans, and last I checked, this was the land of the free. If someplace doesn’t agree with it, all they have to do is decline the job. You don’t want to make a super duper rainbow extraordinaire cake with two grooms on top and one of them is black and Jewish? Fine, some other bakery will. And that bakery will rejoice when spending the money knowing it came from a loving couple they were able to help bring happiness.

It’s that fucking simple, if you do not agree with the people who want to do business with you, don’t do business with that person(s). You so not need a law saying not only can you refuse service, but you can discriminate, hate, and bully the customers. That’s exactly what this law allows. Bullying. It’s making national media coverage how we need to stop the bullying in schools and teach children to be nicer, then the fucking adults…lawmakers no less…go and pull this.

Way to be a positive example.


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